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AAA Restoration Group Has over 15 hears experience in Fire Smoke Damage as well as mold remediation. Our certified staff provides the most extensive solutions to your recovery needs.We are an IICRC certified Storm, Flood, Water, Mold, Fire and Crime Scene Restoration Company. We provide services from disaster to rebuild.


We will work with you on your residential insurance claims and storm damage claims.

Here are some tips to successfully filing an insurance claim when your roof or home is damaged:

Write down the date: If you remember when the storm or strong winds occurred, right down the date. You will need this date to file a claim. Take a photo of your home and photos of the storm.

Get a professional roof inspection: If you suspect your roof or home was damaged in a recent storm, contact AAA Restoration Group and get an opinion on the damage.

Filing the claim: If we find it is necessary for you to call in a claim, call your home insurance company and set up an appointment for them to inspect your roof or home damage.

Meeting with your home insurance company agent: It would be great to have a representative from AAA Restoration Group to be present when the insurance agent is at your home. We will be happy to send someone to attend the appointment with you. Once the insurance agent completes his inspection, he will probably compare notes with us to see if the results and roof measurements are about the same. In a situation where the insurance agent believes he does not see any significant damage, our representative will debate with him, using his notes from his inspection.

Once the insurance agent leaves: Hopefully you have a successful insurance claim. Look at the written quote from AAA Restoration Group. Do not choose a company only based on price, but also on reputation and quality of work. We hope you will choose AAA Restoration to bring your home back to you. Give us a call today:

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AAA Restoration Group provides a wealth of services to get your life back on track and worry free. While other companies sit back and let the homeowner deal with insurance companies on their own, AAA Restoration Group is with you all of the way!  Oujr service include, but are not limited to:

dropFlood/Water Mitigation
leafMold Testing/ Remediation
flameFire/Smoke Restoration
crimesceneCrime Scene Cleanup
hardhatGeneral Contracting

We are ready to help you get your life back on track and stress free.

Give us a call today and let us handle everything for you.

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